State Ballet Theatre of Ukraine presents: Sleeping Beauty

Presented by State Ballet Theatre of Ukraine

The State Ballet Theatre of Ukraine is known for its exceptional productions, and the upcoming production of “Sleeping Beauty” will be mesmerizing.

The ballet will be presented in three acts with two intermissions and will showcase the beloved story and the enchanting music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

Sleeping Beauty tells the story of Princess Aurora, who is cursed by the evil fairy Carabosse on her 16th birthday. With a single prick of the finger, the Curse of Carabosse condemns the princess to a deep sleep lasting 100 years. The curse can only be lifted with a kiss from the prince’s true love, which will awaken the sleeping beauty.

This production promises to bring this captivating love story to life on stage. The Guardian described it as a masterclass in classical ballet style and noted that it featured some of the most stunning numbers in the 19th-century repertoire. The choreography will demonstrate the exquisite beauty of classical ballet, accompanied by the delightful music of Tchaikovsky.

Apart from the spectacular performances, the production is visually stunning. Luxurious decorations transport viewers into the enchanting world of history. The costumes are meticulously designed, adding to the overall grandeur of the production.

Overall, the Sleeping Beauty production by State Ballet Theatre of Ukraine promises to be a magnificent classical production combining exquisite music, a captivating plot, and the artistry of ballet. This is an enchanting opportunity to experience the timeless beauty of your favorite ballet.

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