Joe Nardone presents: Oh What a Night of 60’s Rock ‘N’ Roll

Featuring: Chubby Checker, The Vogues, Dennis Tufano, and Tommy C

An incredible four-act concert comes to the FM Kirby Center, 71 Public Square, Wilkes Barre at 7:00 pm on September 21, 2023, when Joe Nardone presents “OH WHAT A NIGHT OF 60s ROCK ‘N ROLL” starring the legendary Chubby Checker.

Chubby looks like he is fifty and sings and dances like he’s 50 too. Chubby grew up in South Philadelphia and formed a street-corner harmony group at age 8. He learned to play piano at Settlement Music School and went to South Philadelphia High School, where he entertained classmates, including Fabian Forte, with vocal impressions of Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, and Fats Domino. After school, he worked at Produce Market, where his boss was so impressed with his customers’ enjoyment of Chubby’s singing impressions that he had him record a version of “Jingle Bells” in which he imitated popular recording stars. Dick Clark sent the song as a Christmas greeting to his business associates, and Cameo Parkway Records signed Chubby. In 1959, “The Class” was his first hit record. “The Twist” was originally a “B” side, but Chubby tirelessly promoted it on tv, in interviews, and in performances. By the summer of 1960, “The Twist” became a #1 hit, introducing the concept of couples “dancing apart to the beat” and leading to a revolution in dancing with one dance craze leading to another (the Jerk, the Hully Gully, the Boogaloo, etc.), and Chubby was at the forefront with “The Fly,” “The Pony” and “The Hucklebuck.”

In 1962, “Pony Time” was a #1 hit that was on the charts for 16 weeks, and Chubby starred in two movies: “Don’t Knock the Twist” and “Twist Around the Clock.” For the first time in record history, “The Twist” re-entered the charts and, by January of 1962, it was #1 again on the Billboard charts. Chubby Checker merchandise was everywhere: t-shirts, shoes, ties, dolls, and even chewing gum! More huge hits followed: “The Fly,” “Let’s Twist Again,” “The Limbo Rock“, and he won the Grammy for Best Rock Performance. He was the only act to have 5 albums in the top 12 at the same time. In 1964, Chubby married Catharina Lodders, Miss World of 1962.

Chubby continues to push musical boundaries while performing all over the world. In 1988, “Yo Twist,” performed with the Fat Boys, was a #14 hit, and in 2007 “Knock Down the Wall” went to #1 on the Billboard Dance charts, introducing Chubby Checker to a new generation of fans. Chubby looks and sounds young and continues to display his historic dance moves. You’ll see why Chubby Checker was recently voted “Casino Performer of the Year” and why “The Twist” was the most frequently played song on the radio in the history of rock music.

The Vogues will co-headline the show. Renowned for their outstanding vocal talent, stylish delivery and strong harmonies, the Vogues are one of the world’s premier sixties acts. From 1965-1970, they recorded nine top twenty songs, including “You’re the One” (#4 on the Billboard Top 100 charts), “Five O’Clock World” (#4), “Turn Around, Look at Me” (#7), “My Special Angel” (#7), “Magic Town,” “Till,” “Moments to Remember” and “Green Fields.” The Vogues were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2001, and audiences can’t get enough of their amazing vocal harmonies.

Fantastic New Jersey favorite, The Duprees, have been added to the show. The Duprees are known worldwide for their romantic interpretations of some of the most beautiful love songs ever written. They possess a smooth yet powerful vocal quality and heavenly harmonies, evidenced in the huge hit “You Belong to Me.” Other hits include: “My Own True Love,” “Gone with the Wind,” “Why Don’t You Believe Me,” “Have you Heard” and “Theme from Exodus.” Although their romantic harmonies are second to none, The Duprees also present a dynamic stage show that will bring the house down.

Opening the show is an up-and-coming star, Tommy C. Tommy was designated by Bobby Rydell as the performer Bobby wanted to carry on his musical legacy, so Tommy will recreate the great hits of Bobby Rydell at the Kirby Center.

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