Terry Lee Goffee – Tribute to Johnny Cash

 In the spring of 1955, Johnny Cash walked into the legendary Sun Recording Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. The music world was never the same.

“Not long afterward, I put my first Johnny Cash record on a turntable and my world was never the same,” Terry Lee Goffee said. “I have been a fan of Johnny Cash since I was about 8 years old. He and Elvis were my first two musical influences. I always felt Johnny’s music got better over the years. Cash’s songs addressed a lot of issues common to a lot of people, whether it was sensitive social issues or just some slice of life the average person could relate to. Having firsthand knowledge of others who were doing tributes and, wanting to honor my musical hero, I decided to start performing…”

In June 2003, the tribute went to Nashville for two performances. Cash’s brother and sister attended the show and were very complimentary afterward.

“My Brother would be proud,” Tommy Cash stated.  Joanne Cash Yates commented, “It’s a wonderful show, I would recommend it to anyone,” and, “You don’t impersonate my brother, you pay tribute to him with honor.”

“If you come away from this presentation with a better understanding of who Johnny Cash is, I will have succeeded in my vision for this endeavor,” Terry Lee Goffee said. “[He was] A champion of the underdog, a voice for those who often have none, an ‘outlaw’ before it became fashionable.”

Goffee’s tribute to Johnny Cash has taken him across the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK. In 2009, he was selected to provide the moves for the Johnny Cash character in “Guitar Hero 5.” Now, he’s a regular on RFD-TV, too!

He looks like Johnny. He sounds like Johnny. He moves like Johnny. Nobody does Johnny Cash like Terry Lee Goffee.

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