“The Sinatra Years” starring Steven Maglio & his 17-Piece Orchestra

The New York Times: “With Steven Maglio’s smooth croon and Rat Pack swagger, listeners just might imagine they are at The Copa at The Sands in 1963”.

Steven Maglio has performed worldwide, from West Palm Beach to Beverly Hills; from Atlantic City to Las Vegas; from Cape Cod to Nashville; from Brazil to Ecuador to Italy.

He’s shared the stage with The Duke Ellington Orchestra; Frankie Valli; Wayne Newton; Dionne Warwick; Danny Aiello and many others. He’s appeared in movies. He’s entertained many celebrities including President and Mrs. Donald Trump; the Kennedy family; Vic Damone; Connie Francis; Danny DeVito; William Shatner; most of the cast of “The Sopranos”, just to name a few, as well as sports figures, politicians and business moguls.

He states, “I was born in East Harlem. Back in 1966, we moved to the Bronx and being the new kid on the block, I walked to school alone for the first few weeks. I heard Frank Sinatra singing “My Kind of Town” and to pass the time on my new daily trek, I would sing to myself over and over. I decided I needed another song and began to explore the only Sinatra album we owned at the time, “A Man and His Music”. This was the beginning of my addiction not only to Sinatra, but to that whole world of standard songs and singers”.

Perhaps Vincent Falcone, longtime pianist and conductor for Frank Sinatra said it best… “Steven is one of the finest singers keeping the Great American Songbook alive since ‘The Old Man’ himself”.

DEANA MARTIN: “Steven Maglio is a fabulous singer, an incredible entertainer, and one of my Pallies”.

CONNIE FRANCIS: “He’s great! And with a big band, it’s like being back at The Copa”.

BRAD GARRETT: “I used to open for Sinatra, so I know how he worked. The way Steven sings, and his whole style of crafting his show, is a beautiful tribute to Frank”.

JOHNNY MAESTRO: “I can’t believe how much he reminds me of Sinatra. Even his speaking voice sounds like Frank”.

LARRY KING: “Steven Maglio puts the ‘great’ in the Great American Songbook”.

DONALD TRUMP, U.S. President & Real Estate Mogul after a performance at the Trump National Golf Club: “Melania and I were impressed with his talent. We booked him for two more shows”.

Presented by Edd Raineri, Micki McBozzer Productions LLC.

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